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ETEC China

The ETEC China Representative Office Model

ETEC China is expanding a decade long cooperation with EBI/Zhaolong Education to offer U.S. schools comprehensive brand development and student recruitment support throughout China. This unique alliance that first began in 2009 and has help to recruit more than 5000 students for 100’s of schools will now provide these bundled services:
⦁ Dedicated school recruitment coordinator based in China
⦁ Stand-alone representative office with bi-lingual staff exclusively focused on promoting your school in China
⦁ Development of pre-university foundation programs at leading Chinese high schools to help build a “pool” of qualified student applicants
⦁ In-person and virtual student advising events
⦁ Leverage extensive social media and internet marketing campaigns tailored to the China market
New for 2022- Development and Support of on-line academic programs including: non-credit classes, 1 year academic program delivery( academic program credit) + 1 year in U.S.(AA Completion) +2 Year transfer to University
Mr. James Wang, President and CEO, EBI, and ETEC China
ETEC China has an extensive presence on leading internet sites in China including: Baidu, JD.Com, and

ETEC China leverages a network of leading China secondary schools, including several group high schools, allowing U.S. schools to meet only qualified students and a delivery system for foundation programs and/or hybrid credit delivery.


Stand-alone student advising events conducted at ETEC China Offices


The partnership with Southeast Missouri State University(SEMO) has been in-place for more than 10 years and has generated consistent recruitment outcomes, development of in-country delivery programs, and developed capacity to expand recruitment in other key Asian countries.