Re: SPECIAL Thailand Study Fair Discount Package Available for for-profit colleges and vocational training institutions- October 26-28th, Bangkok, Thailand

California ETEC is pleased to announce a special promotion in conjunction with California Step to offer for-profit education and training providers a special discount at the Thailand Office of Civil  Service Study Fair and Agent networking reception in Bangkok, Thailand. STEP is a pilot export Initiative funded by the Small Business Administration(SBA).

Interested institutions should contact Mark Matsumoto:

c/o- California ETEC


The LAND of Smiles for some U.S. Schools- A snapshot of the Thai Education Market

California ETEC has had a long association with the Thailand Office of Civil Service and the annual student fair they sponsor.  In the past seven years,  we have coordinated the exhibits of more than 40 U.S. schools at the annual OCSC Student Fair and an adjoining reception with TIECA Study Agents.   Literally we stumbled upon the OCSC Fair in 2004 and have made this event a staple of our S.E. Asia marketing campaign ever since.   While the OCSC Fair annually draws 25,000-30,000 students and is the primary platform by which the Thai Office of Civil Service connects more than 300 full-ride scholars with overseas institutions,  marketing in Thailand is not without challenges. In 2008 the OCSC Fair coincided political upheaval that shut Suvarnabhumi Airport and last October the event was postponed due to unprecedented  flooding in Thailand.  Despite these unconventional obstacles, a small core of U.S. schools continue to promote in Thailand and such perseverance  has led to recruitment success.   The latest Open Doors Reports indicated more than 10,000 Thai students are currently studying in the U.S. and this number has been remarkably consistent the past decade.

Thailand Education Market Summary

  •  Thai students offer diversity to already large and growing student populations from China, India and Korea.
  • Thais generally do not choose to attend U.S. Community Colleges, but the trend may be changing.
  • Demand for U.S. boarding schools is growing, but English speaking competitors are highly targeted in this market space.
  • Opportunities avail for schools who pay commissions to agents or can design marketing contracts in lieu of commissions. The Thai Overseas Education market is very mature and most successful recruitment campaigns are done with the aid of agents.

* If you are seeking introduction to vetted agents, please contact for a list of agents who attended the January 20th ETEC-TIECA Reception.