Re: International Students continue to grow in the U.S- China and Middle East lead the way!

The Institute for International Education, IIE,  released it’s annual profile of international students in the United States today.   It is no surprise that China continues to lead the way as the largest host market for international students, nearly 200,000 Chinese students are now studying the U.S. and this accounts for more than 25% of all international students.  Saudi Arabia showed the largest growth increase, over a 50% increase from 2011 and the Middle East Region as a whole showed marked increases.

A breakdown of the top countries of origin in the U.S. follows below:

% of Total                    % Change from 2011

1) China- 194, 029-                     25.4                             23.1

2) India- 100, 270                        13.1                              -3.5

3) South Korea-72, 295               9.5                                -1.4

4)  Saudi Arabia- 34, 139           4.5                                  50.4

5) Canada- 26, 821                   3.5                                 -2.6

6)  Taiwan- 23, 250                    3.0                                  -6.3

7) Japan- 19, 966                      2.6                                   -6.2

8) Vietnam- 15, 572                   2.0                                    4.6

9) Mexico- 13, 893                    1.8                                    1.3

10) Turkey- 11, 973                  1.6                                    -1.7

California ETEC has been helping U.S. schools develop strategies to begin or expand student recruitment for many years and is pleased to offer proven recruitment strategies for institutions seeking to grow their international student profile.   California ETEC has a global reach with offices in China and Vietnam.   



















Recruiting Students in Thailand- Fall Event Package in Bankgok, October 26-28th, 2012

OCSC Fair in Bangkok, Thailand

For the eighth consecutive year,  California ETEC( CA ETEC) is cooperating with the Thai Government,  Office of Civil Service Commission(OCSC) to coordinate a US presence and to maximize effectiveness of participation in the OCSC International Education Fair,  October 26-28th.  This annual event in Bangkok draws more than 25,000 student attendees and provides the opportunity  to meet individually with Thai Scholars ( top students granted full-ride scholarships from various Thai Ministries).

Full Support Package includes:

  • Individual appointments with Thai Scholars
  • Exclusive Study Agent Networking Event- pre-set meetings with TIECA study agents
  • Booth Registration
  • Localization package( including booth graphics and Thai-English interpreters)
  • Literature facilitation and other on-site logistical support

A follow-on promotion in Vietnam supported by CA ETEC’s VETEC Center                         ( is also available to U.S. schools.  

For further event details and registration please contact: 

Debunking the myth of the Arm Chair International Student Recruiter

Does international student recruitment success require  huge  capital investments?  Well, if you survey the marketing and recruitment budgets  of the leading host schools for international students-  SMC,  UC Extensions,  USC,  NYU, Purdue,  etc.,  I am pretty sure you would be staggered by their investments to grow and maintain their international student enrollments.   No question, in this arena it does take money to achieve big-time recruitment success.   That being said, it does not mean spending money insures outcomes.   It also raises the question whether or not schools with limited marketing budgets can  succeed through “arm chair” marketing.   That is,  using passive marketing tools such as buying leads,  print ads,  catalog shows, direct marketing, and participating in regional agent matchmaking events.   We are repeatedly asked by schools seeking to expand their international student recruitment if they should participate in some random arm-chair promotion.  In fact,  we reviewed one email marketing offer that circulated before Christmas,  “  Still considering how to spend your Spring recruitment budget….an offer for the Armchair recruiter who has everything. “   Our experience has shown that sporadic, one-off marketing activities rarely generate tangible outcomes.   What is more troubling to  paraphrase Senator Everett Dirksen,  “A thousand here and a thousand there and  pretty soon you’re talking a real investment !”

At CA ETEC we have concluded the only certain formula for long-term success recruiting international students must follow these protocols:

1)   Organic growth of an international student program takes patience,  administrative support,  creativity and perseverance-  (We suggest you look at Ohlone College in Fremont, California)

2)   The most effective promotions are ones that will be sustained with ongoing personal touch.  The practice of “helicopter marketing” dropping in for a few days, dropping off literature and leaving to return back a year or so later is not effective.

3)   Focus  recruitment efforts on a few markets where your school can leverage staff and faculty resources and differentiate program strengths.

4)   Develop a strategy to stay actively engaged in those priority countries that your school plans to target.   California ETEC offers in-country support in China and Vietnam and many other credible organizations offer similar support in other high priority recruitment markets.

Re: California ETEC enters the blogosphere!

California ETEC has decided to start an ongoing blog to help stimulate discussion that will assist U.S. student exchange and recruitment efforts globally. California ETEC( formerly Education and Training Export Consortium) was started with the intent to maximize branding and marketing efforts of California and U.S. institutions in Asia. As our organization has grown, we have continuously learned from both our marketing successes and mistakes.  We hope to use this forum to share our insights and those of our stakeholders in an effort to help schools identify ways to establish or expand student recruitment efforts with limited resources. In future blog posts we will identify ways that California ETEC is meeting this challenge and country specific information that might help schools new to international exchange and student recruitment succeed, too.